A Woman and a Man

In 1996 A Woman and a Man Belinda’s sixth studio album was released in the UK.  The album was released on Chrysalis Records after Belinda had parted company with Virgin.  The album contains songs written by Rick Nowels, Maria Vidal, Ellen Shipley, Charlotte Caffey, Neil Finn of Crowded House and Roxette co-founder Per Gessle who also produced one of the tracks.

The album released in the USA in 1997 on the Ark 21 Records label. There was special DTS (surround sound) version of the album released which featured a slightly different track listing compared to the original; it was only ten tracks long and did not include Listen to Love, Love Doesn’t Live Here and Always Breaking My Heart but instead had covers of the songs Jealous Guy by John Lennon and The Ballad of Lucy Jordan which was made famous by Marianne Faithful.

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys contributed backing vocals to the song California.  Belinda also recorded with Issac Hayes on the track Love in the Key of C but it was felt that the track didn’t work as a duet and so was only released with Belinda’s vocals on it.  One track that Rick Nowels wrote and Belinda demoed was also not recorded, this was Falling Into You which was subsequently recorded by Celine Dion.

The album spawned four hit singles in the UK, chart positions in brackets, In Too Deep (6), Always Breaking My Heart (8), Love In the Key of C (20) and California (31)

1.  In Too Deep

2.  California

3.  A Woman and a Man

4.  Remember September

5.  Listen to Love

6.  Always Breaking My Heart

7.  Love Doesn’t Live Here

8.  He Goes On

9.  Kneel at Your Feet

10. Love In The Key Of C

11. My Heart Goes Out To You