Best of Belinda Volume 1 (The Essential)

The Best of Belinda, Volume 1 (released in the United States as Her Greatest Hits) was released in 1992. It is Belinda’s first greatest hits compilation album and includes her hits from 1987 to 1992. It is the only Belinda album to date to have topped the UK Albums Chart.

The Australian and Japanese cover art differs from the International versions as does the American release.  The USA and Australian versions have different tracks based on the hits from that territory.  It is also worth noting that I Plead Insanity, despite having a promotional video, was never released as a single but was included on this compilation in the UK, Europe and Japan.  The Australian issue is 12 tracks long and omits Vision of You, World Without You and Half the World.  The USA version includes I Feel the Magic, I Feel Free and Mad About You but excludes (We Want) The Same Thing, Little Black Book, La Luna, I Plead Insanity, World Without You, Half the World and Runaway Horses.

The album was later repackaged as The Essential and had different artwork.

1.  Heaven Is A Place On Earth

2.  (We Want) The Same Thing

3.  Circle In The Sand

4.  Leave A Light On

5.  Little Black Book

6.  Summer Rain

7.  Vision Of You

8.  Live Your Life Be Free

9.  I Get Weak

10.  La Luna

11. I Plead Insanity

12. World Without You

13. Do You Feel Like I Feel?

14. Half The World

15. Runaway Horses

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