Circle in the Sand

Circle in the Sand was written by Rick Nowels and Ellen Shipley.  The first known appearance of the song in progress is from the Lost Heaven Demos bootleg which features a solid drum beat, lead keyboard line and simple bass with no guitars present, and completed lyrics.  The final album version of the song features a unique lead keyboard theme provided by Thomas Dolby, combined with a thumping bassline and accentuated with swirling and shimmering guitar including some played in reverse during the bridge.

The music video was directed by Peter Care and features Belinda singing with various beach scenes in the background.


Circle in the Sand (Album Version)

Circle in the Sand (7″ Version)

Circle in the Sand (Seaside Mood Groove Mix)

Circle in the Sand (Sandblast Multi Mix)

Circle in the Sand (Beach Party Mix)

Highest Chart Position

Canada – 3

UK – 4

USA – 5

Ireland – 6

Germany – 9

New Zealand – 16

Netherlands – 22

Italy – 23

Austria – 26