Live Your Life Be Free

Live Your Life Be Free was Belinda’s fourth studio album and was released in 1991 by MCA Records and in the UK by Virgin Records.  The album peaked at number seven in the UK.

Belinda co-wrote two of the tracks on the album one was Loneliness Game which was also the B Side to the lead single and title track Live Your Life Be Free.  Belinda also had writing credits on Little Black Book which was released as a single in the UK and got to number 28, this was also a tie in with the Best of Volume 1.  Marcy Levy also co wrote Little Black Book, Marcy is better known as Marcella Detroit who was in Shakespears Sister and also had a successful solo career.

The album had four hit singles in the UK, highest chart position is in brackets.  Live Your Life Be Free (12), Do You Feel Like I Feel (29), Half the World (35) and Little Black Book (28)

1.  Live Your Life Be Free

2.  Do You Feel Like I Feel?

3.  Half The World

4. You Came Out Of Nowhere

5.  You’re Nothing Without Me

6.  I Plead Insanity

7.  Emotional Highway

8.  Little Black Book

9. Love Revolution

10. World Of Love

11. Lonliness Game