Real was first released on September 29, 1993. The album songs were written by Charlotte Caffey, Thomas Caffey, Ralph Schuckett and half of the tracks were co-written by Belinda.  This was the first album that Belinda contributed to the producing.  The album cover was designed by Tom Dolan and is a departure for Belinda, who presented a glamorous look on all her previous covers, choosing a jeans and T-shirt look instead this time without make-up. The album features a cover version of The Graces song Lay Down Your Arms.

The album peaked at number 9 in the UK charts and featured two hit singles.  The first was Big Scary Animal (12) which was renamed It’s Too Real (Big Scary Animal) in the USA where the video was also remade.  The second single was Lay Down Your Arms (27)

1.  Goodbye Day

2.  Big Scary Animal

3.  Too Much Water

4.  Lay Down Your Arms

5.  Where Love Hides

6.  One With You

7.  Wrap My Arms

8.  Tell Me

9.  Windows of the World

10. Here Comes My Baby