Runaway Horses

Runaway Horses was released in 1989.   The album features songs written by Rick Nowels, Ellen Shipley, Charlotte Caffey and a song co-written by Belinda herself.  The cowritten track Shades of Michelangelo was the B-Side to the first single Leave a Light On and was also the song Belinda closed the Runaway Tour shows with.  The song Leave a Light On featured George Harrison of the Beatles on guitar.  The album track Whatever It Takes features Bryan Adams on vocals with Belinda.

Whilst the album performed less well in the USA it was a hit across Europe, Japan and Australia.  The album saw six singles chart in the UK, chart positions in brackets, Leave a Light On (4), La Luna (38), Runaway Horses (40), Vision of You (41), (We Want) The Same Thing (6) and Summer Rain (23)

1.  Leave a Light On

2.  Runaway Horses

3.  Vision Of You

4.  Summer Rain

5.  La Luna

6.  (We Want) The Same Thing

7.  Deep Deep Ocean

8.  Valentine

9.  Whatever It Takes

10. Shades of Michelangelo