Beauty & the Beat

Beauty and the Beat was the Go-Go’s debut album. Released in 1981 on the IRS Records label, the album was preceded by the single We Got the Beat, which became a massive club hit in Europe and, later, the United States. When the album was eventually released, it steadily climbed the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at number one, where it remained for six consecutive weeks.  The LP sold in excess of two million copies and reached double platinum status, making it one of the most successful debut albums of all time. Critically acclaimed, it has been described as one of the “cornerstone albums of American new wave”.

1.  Our Lips Are Sealed

2.  How Much More

3.  Tonight

4.  Lust to Love

5.  This Town

6.  We Got The Beat

7.  Fading Fast

8.  Automatic

9.  You Can’t Walk In Your Sleep If You Can’t Sleep

10. Skidmarks on My Heart

11. Can’t Stop the World